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Eye Massager

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  1. Prevent myopia or delay the progression of short sightedness;Keep insomnia sufferer easy to have light sleep;Prevent and relieve eye bags, dark circles and small wrinkles;
  2. With regular use, this massager may also help reduce puffiness and dark circles.180 foldable and comes with a travel case. Easy to carry and store.
  3. 3 kinds circular air pressure massage,which can remit pressure effectively.Listening music and massaging eyes at same time, relax pressure, make a SPA for your eyes.
  4. Built`in 5 digital simulation finger pressing massage modes, to massage and stimulate the acupoints around the eyes, activate the optic nerve.
  5. Promote blood circulation to relieve eye fatigue and tension;Prevent myopia or delay the progression of shortsightedness;Keep insomnia sufferer easy to have light sleep;
  6. Eye massager has four different Intelligent Air Pressure fully massages on the eyes and temples to relieve the eye tiredness, prevent near-sightedness, and improve eyesight.
  7. With 20 massage poins,simulating Chinese traditionnal massager modes like rotation,shaking,beating,finger-pressing,rolling,air-pressure and heating etc,it most effects on eye or heat part.
  8. Effective for elimination of fatigue, and prevention from near-sighted and losing sleep. and effective on facial massage to make your face more beautiful and bright.
Set Descending Direction