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Physical Therapy

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  1. BESTVIEW is the only factory which use 670nm diode laser for hair regrown in China,in addition to USA and Germany. Laser lamps are 240pcs on the machine,and the total power is 250mw.
  2. Increases blood flow to the top of the scalp by up to 55% which in turn increases hair growth in follicle still capable of producing hair.
  3. No hurt, no downtime, non invasive.10.4 inch big color display, easy to operate.4 big treatment panels which is adjustable.High power 240 pieces diode lasers, energy can reach to 24000mw totally.
  4. Our helmet is controled by APP. The App has been tailored to offer you intimate services about hair growth, including reminder, records, evaluation and laser modes of treatment.
  5. Powered by a rechargeable battery pack, our laser hair cap is a portable laser device designed for the management of hair loss for both men and women.
  6. Prevent myopia or delay the progression of short sightedness;Keep insomnia sufferer easy to have light sleep;Prevent and relieve eye bags, dark circles and small wrinkles;
  7. With regular use, this massager may also help reduce puffiness and dark circles.180 foldable and comes with a travel case. Easy to carry and store.
  8. 3 kinds circular air pressure massage,which can remit pressure effectively.Listening music and massaging eyes at same time, relax pressure, make a SPA for your eyes.
  9. The leg massager has been equipped with sensors which can detecting the length of the leg, and adjusting the leg massager to fit the user’s leg.
  10. Equipped with high-def audio system, allows user to display music through the chair. The back roller massage can fit the rhythm of the music.
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