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Medical Syringe Pump


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Short Description

It can easily query about 2000 of drug duration, cumulative amount of drug, accumulative total solution volume and medicines and other information.



Main Technical Specification

1. Injection Speed
50 (60) ml syringe: 0.1 ml/h ~ 999.9 ml/h (increment 0.1 ml/h per level) 1000 ml/h ~ 1500 ml/h (increment 1 ml/h per level).
30 ml syringe: 0.1 ml/h ~ 900.0 ml/h (increment 0.1 ml/h per level).
20 ml syringe: 0.1 the mmL/h ~ 600.0 ml/h (increment 0.1 ml/h per level).
10 ml syringe: 0.1 ml/h ~ 300.0 ml/h (increment 0.1 ml/h per level)
5 ml syringe: 0.1 ml/h ~ 200.0 ml/h (increment 0.1 ml/h per level)

2.Flow Rate Precision: Within ±2﹪

3.Pump Mechanical Precision: Within ±1﹪

4.Rapid Push Bolus:
(60) 50 ml syringe: 1200 ml/h 30 ml syringe: 720 ml/h 20 ml syringe: 480 ml/h
10 ml syringe: 240 ml/h 5 ml syringe: 160 ml/h

5.Quick Inject (perfusion or cleaning) Speed
(60) 50 ml syringe: 1500 ml/h 30 ml syringe: 900 ml/h 20 ml syringe: 600 ml/h
10 ml syringe: 300 ml/h 5 ml syringe: 200 ml/h

6.Limit Amount: 0.1 ml ~ 999.9 ml

7.Cumulative Injection Amount: 0.1 ml ~ 9999.9 ml (increment 0.1 ml/h per level)

8.Power Supply: Two kinds of power supply, 220V, 50Hz. Built-in battery: 11.1V rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack, capacity≥1600mAh.

9.Fuse: Specification F1AL / 250V, two units (installed in the pump)

10.Dimensions: 280 ㎜ (length) x205 ㎜ (width) x255 ㎜ (height)

11.Weight: 3.6 KG

Technical Features

1.Three intravenous drug delivery modes: Simple constant speed mode, time capacity mode, dose weight mode.
A)Time capacity mode: By setting time and injection dosage, system will be calculating speed for injection automatically.
B)Dose weight mode: By setting drug quantity, weight, liquids quantity, dose, injection system automatic calculation speed.

2.Contain function of ruled out gas pipeline quickly.

3.With fast large doses (bolus) function.

4.System automatically open KVO (keep vein open) function when finish injection.

5.Limited medicine dose function: Users can set the drug dosage. Since finish injection the limit quantity. The machine automatically stop and start KVO function.

6.Machine record the last injection parameter information automatically, greatly reduce the financial burden on user's operation.

7Syringe Custom Function: Perfect debugging technique of syringe brand specification, guarantee to use any brand injector and injection precision.

8.Sound And Light Alarm Function: Drugs will be finished, finish injection, finish set dose injection, injection congestion, syringe fall out, syringe correct installation, rate setting error, pull out ac power alarm, low battery.

9.Powerful doses reference database and more than 10 kinds of recommended dose rate, and automatic calculation formula and drug, etc., will bring great convenience to your usage, multiple recording interface provide various historical records for your clinical analysis.

10.It can easily query about 2000 of drug duration, cumulative amount of drug, accumulative total solution volume and medicines and other information.


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