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Hospital Oxygen Machine


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Short Description

Breathing machine not only for the emergency patients of stop breathing and very weak implementation, but also with synchronization function.



Ventilation Performance

1.Breathing Mode: A/C, SIMV1/2, SIMV1/4, PSV, CPAP , IPPV, SIGH, PEEP

2.Maximum Safety Pressure: No more than 6 kpa.

3.Inhale oxygen concentration: 40% ~ 100%, continuous adjustment.

4.Breathing Frequency: 6 ~ 60 times/min, continuous adjustment.

5.Trigger Pressure: - 2 kpa ~ 2 kpa, continuous adjustment.

6.Tidal Volume: 50 ~ 1500 ml, continuous adjustment.

7. Minute Ventilation: Not less than 18 L/min.

8. PSV, PCV Pressure: 0 ~ 5 kPa, continuous adjustment.

Machine Specification

A) Power Supply: AC 220V±22V 50Hz±1Hz.

B) Power: 30VA.

C) Machine Noise: No greater than 65 db (A).

D) System Compliance: No greater than 4 ml /100 pa.

E) Gas Source: Oxygen, 0.25 ~ 0.3 MPa.

Monitoring Performance

A) Tidal Volume: 0 ~ 2000 ml.

B) Measured Total Frequency, autonomous frequency.

C) Breathing Ratio: Breathe in/out time.

D) Peak Voltage: The highest pressure of airway and alveoli.

E) Breathe End Pressure: Airways and alveoli internal pressure.

F) Airway Pressure Curve: Actual airway pressure and time curve.

G) Velocity Curve: Breathe actual velocity and time curve.

H) PEEP Pressure: 0 ~ 2 kPa, continuous adjustment.

I) Flow Rate: 0.05 ~ 2 L/s, continuous adjustment.

J) SIMV Frequency: 3 ~ 30 times/min, continuous adjustment.


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