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Infusion Pump

Set Descending Direction

  1. Audible and visual alarm for occlusion, empty, low battery, end of infusion, door open, wrong setting etc, which gain patents
  2. With compact and light weight design saves space and is beneficial during patient transfer. Panel lock feature helps prevent unauthorized changes of any instrument setting
  3. Transfusion cumulative amount display, ac/dc automatic conversion, automatic charging, fast row, "drips/points" and "ml/h" transformation, alarm eliminate, boot self-check function and memory function.
  4. Maintain piping flexibility and velocity accuracy for long time, drastically reduce damage to the liquid ingredients. Unique ripple compensation technology, infusion safer, patients more security.
  5. Middle Detection and Ultrasound Detectors to double guarantee the correct IV set loading.Anti-bolus system to reduce significantly bolus after occlusion sudden release
  6. Applicable Infusion Set: Support a wide variety brands of infusion set including major manufacturers & selected local brands.
  7. Infusion amount setting, power indication, optional alarm sound volume, KVO (keep vein open), occlusion pressure adjustment, flow rate level adjustment.
Set Descending Direction