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Set Descending Direction

  1. Portable all-ine-one design, built-in image and video storage sd card.
  2. 15 inch monitor, Led light source, HD endoscope camera ALL-IN-ONE Integrated portable design, easy to operate and carry.
  3. Built-in image and video storage sd card/80w led cold light source/CVBS&DVI S-video output with all-in-one integrated portable design.
  4. 700 lines camera, camera with freeze and AWB function.
  5. With 3.5 inch LCD screen, camera head with function of Freeze and WB.
  6. It is the top bright cold light source in the current market high light intensity, high brightness and high flexiblity.
  7. It can matching with different types of flexible and rigid scopes, portable and integration design is very easy to carry and operate.
Set Descending Direction