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Intraoral Camera

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  1. Camera angle: no plastic lenses level large field of view to 130 degrees, especially suitable for the mouth of scan. USB and TV output are available.
  2. LED Manual freezing, image storage automatically.Power Supply: None needed, powered through USB cable. Full digital function, can be used momentarily.
  3. This camera can be with a small monitor on it, that dentist can see the picture from the small monitor and help dentist more convenient to capture the picture.
  4. The camera can be with a small monitor on it , so that dentist can see the picture from the small monitor, and help dentist more conveniently to capture the picture.
  5. High power capacity lithium battery, it’s doesn’t need to connect with other adapter , Keeping a long service life.
  6. Built-in WI-FI function can transmit the camera’s images to mobile phone, Tablet PC and windows system PC at the same time.
  7. High-resolution, compact, easy to use, simple to operate, easy to carry,can be used in PAL and NTSC formats. Provides wired and wireless options.
  8. It adopts microwave transmission the same effect with satellite.Long distance and high clarity image transmission.
  9. Perfect combination of intraoral camera and monitor.With SD memory card.Monitor could take picture for patient head with built-in webcam, in order to save files.
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